Friday, January 20, 2012

NESTalgia Screenshots

I played NESTalgia heavily over three months, and it was awesome. I've been playing more Realm of the Mad God recently, and haven't had time to play both. I found these screenshots from 6 months ago on my Desktop and thought I'd post 'em. I wonder how NESTalgia's doing these days; anyone still play?

I've considered getting back into it, but honestly I won't have the time in the next 15 months or so because of work-related issues. NESTalgia was a small community, and I miss the players more than the gameplay, which was solid--but slower-paced than I would have preferred.

NESTalgia is a free 8-Bit MMORPG for Windows/PC. I highly recommend it, and you can search for "nestalgia" on 8-Bit City to find numerous posts I've made about it in the past if you're interested in learning more.


Anonymous said...

There are still many players you would know, but the population is somewhat low at the moment. There have been a lot of new features implemented to improve/change the game, but no new content has arrived since Black Sanc. You haven't really missed anything yet. Monster companions are around the corner and new content has been promised after that. You should drop in and check it out if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

I do miss the old Bad Frosty Sprite. Alot has changed since you were last on Robot. And more to come.
Whenever you get the time you should hop on at least for an hour around 5pm EST.

Anonymous said...

tomorrow Ill get back on, its been too long as it is. I was waiting for my paycheck cause I need to renew my sub. See everyone soon!