Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ultimate RPG desicions

No more data can be recovered from the Ultimate RPG file; the OHRRPGCE creator was nice enough to diagnose the file and see that somehow most of the file was written-over with junk data.

Life goes on. I've looked at the partial file I recovered and it only had a few sprites and a few towns, but none of the event programming, battles, interaction, etc. So I've decided to go back to the pre-alpha demo build from months ago because it's more advanced than the recovered file.

I also recovered the tileset and overworld map, but in retrospect the pre-alpha overworld is better anyway.

I'll probably scrap both overworlds and start from scratch. I had originally planned 8 towns and 8 dungeons, but that's not going to be enough. The world will be entirely open-ended from the very beginning.

I'm also working a cool system in which most enemies are sort of like the player characters, overall this means you'll be able to fight tons of NPCs. Like Ultima, actions will have consequences, but being "good" or "evil" isn't going to be a requirement.

You will also be able to recruit dozens of party members from among the different classes. Starter classes are Fighter, Wizard, Doctor, Warlock. Fighters are pretty straightforward, and will be an easy class to start with because of a very high starting HP. Doctors heal other characters, and also know how to inflict pain in human enemies. Wizards will focus on casting ridiculous damage spells, including all forms of electromagnetism (highly damaging to robots) as well as out-of-battle utility spells. Finally, my favorite class, warlock, uses high-cost spells as well as both pain and lightning spells.

There are 2 enemy types: robots and humans. Humans take severe damage from "pain" spells, similarly to the robotic weakness against electromagnatism.

Players can recruit both humans and robots of each class.

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