Saturday, November 12, 2011

Crystalis and Journey to Silius Codes

Crystalis and Journey to Silius are two of the most treasured games on the NES, and to flip through the old magazines and find them together on the same page was fantastic.

Both of these codes are rather useful:

Crystalis Warp
-Hold A on Controller 2 + Hold A & B on Controller One
-This allows you to warp to different locations around the map, even into areas you cannot currently access!

Journey to Silius Debug Menu
-At the title screen Press B 33 times then press start
-You can change the number of continues.
-Note: You've got to be quick about it; the title screen only appears for about 20 seconds.
-I used this code a lot when I was practicing Journey to Silius.

Journey to Silius Doom Gun
-There is no Doom Gun, but a consistent rumor persists. Don't believe their lies.

The Journey to Silius Doom Gun has got to be one of the oldest NES rumors around. This is the original "revive aeris" cheat.

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