Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Exile Turbo Grafx 16 Ad

Check out this ad for Exile, another great piece of artwork from Working Designs.

I know the style is cheesy, but what can I say, I dig it.


Benjamin Fennell said...

Classic stuff, though Exile 2: Wicked Phenomenon has even more memorable ad/box art. Apparently kind of a mess due to some things they didn't fix when they made some modifications to the coding before release in the west, though. The first Exile - both in its Turbo CD and Genesis incarnations - is said to be the best in the series.

Its predecessor that began the series, XZR, never left Japan - and wasn't even on a platform that it could have left Japan on, as I recall - but its content was so inherently controversial that it probably never could have been released here anyway.

8bitcity said...

Nice post! I definitely be checking this series out sometime. I think I'd like to give Cosmic Fantasy 2 a try though first. Right After I finished Phantasy Star II.