Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Phantasy Star II -- Part Four

The dams proved to be a challenge. These dungeons have some of the most sadistic mazes ever created by human beings. It took several days of playing, but eventually I opened each dam and flooded the canals on the planet.

But just when I thought the job was finished, security robots attacked and captured my party. We were taken to a space station orbiting the planet, and couldn't attack or use items.

The space station crashed, killing the entire party and destroying the planet entire planet Palm. Our bodies were salvaged in space by an outlaw, Trevor, and he cloned us back to life. We thanked him and headed back to Mota, beaten and unsure of what to do next.

Our headquarters offered further support by loaning us the use of the last spaceship on Mota. It is automatic, so anyone can drive it. Without a second thought we went to Dezo, the other planet in the system. Alis and her friend had done much the same thing 1000 years ago.

Dezo is desolate. A mysterious fog envelops the entire planet, and the inhabitants speak a different language. I had to find the Mogic Hat before we could communicate with the Dezoians. There are two species of Dezoians, one appear to be hardy humans, the others are rabbit-like creatures.

After exploring the space station for a while, I found the two towns of Zosa and Ryuon. I've upgraded all my gear, and the only thing left to do is figure out where to go...

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