Friday, November 11, 2011

Section Z NES Manual Scans

Section Z is the overlooked Capcom classic for the NES. Luckily it's rather common so you should be able to track it down if you're into awesome space shooting games. Most arcade players will already be familiar with Section Z, but the NES game definitely holds its own.

Great music, nice graphics, multiple weapons, tons of enemies, and a maze-like exploration mechanic combine to form something like S.C.A.T. or Abadox meets Air Fortress.

Whether you've played this game before, threw out the manual as a kid, never want to play it, or picked it up today, you can at least enjoy the ridiculous story and creative drawings. Overall this is a damn nice manual, and I like the materialistic design. It's over 20 pages, and I didn't post some of the legal copy. All the good stuff is in-tact.

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