Friday, December 23, 2011

Epic NES Finds

My girlfriend and I were shopping for NES games out of town a few days ago and the store--Game Exchange--had a buy 3 get 1 free deal on anything under $7.99. Most of their NES games were priced at exactly $4.99 so it was easy decision. These are the 4 games we picked up, all together, for $16.50.

1. The Clash at Demonhead w/ manual

An epic sidescrolling metroidvania. This game tops Adventure Island IV, in my opinion, and is an NES classic. Recently I posted some sketches I made of maps and characters while playing the game. Also, I posted my entire playlog of the journey. Finally, if you want the good stuff, the check out the Nintendo Power scans of the game.

2. Fantasy Zone

A Tengen cartridge, I was really happy to find this game because it seems somewhat rare. Not too much to say other than the fact that its a port of an arcade game by the same name. It's been ported to about a dozen systems, including:

Arcade, 1986
Sega Master System, 1986
MSX, 1986
Nintendo Famicom, 1987
NEC PC Engine, 1988
Nintendo Entertainment System, 1989
Sharp X68000, 1989
Sega Saturn (part of Sega Ages), 1997
Mobile phone, 2002
PlayStation 2 (part of Sega Classics Collection), 2003
Wii Virtual Console (re-release of the Master System version), 2008
PlayStation 2 (part of Sega Ages 2500), 2008
Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (part of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection[NA]/SEGA MEGA DRIVE Ultimate Collection [UK]), 2009
(Wikipeia, Fantasy Zone).

3. Gremlins 2

A fun sunsoft bird's eye platformer. It reminds me of Startropics II, but this game is much more difficult. Overall it's a fun game, and much more playable than Fester's Quest, a piece of shit.

4. Amagon

I saw this boxed a while back, but passed it up. I saw this opportunity to correct my mistake. I haven't really dug my teeth in Amagon, but I know that its similar to Contra. You have limited ammunition, which is pretty unusual for a Contra-style platformer and you die in one hit.

5. 8 Eyes

I didn't actually buy 8 Eyes, rather it was an early Christmas present. I think it's basically a two player Castlevania, and I'm excited to start playing it as well. It's almost 2012, and still I'm getting new NES games for Christmas. Also, before I forget, that Clash at Demonhead image--I have no idea who made it but it's pretty awesome.


NigelAtTheMovies said...

I have an interesting story regarding Amagon - I once accidentally stole it from a friend, then broke the cartridge. I can't remember why I did those things, but I vividly recall this action when I was a young kid. The box art is so unusual, with a skinny kid growing into a strong man and a dinosaur. You have inspired me to revisit this game.

NigelAtTheMovies said...

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