Monday, December 12, 2011

Pixel Art: RPG Sprites 7

This is the seventh post of untitled RPG sprites that I've made and posted. These are from a game I'm working on, but not sure if I'll finish it. The sprites are cool, and I'll be posting more sprites this week.


Etari Pnoit-atsy-alp said...

Dude, you made these??? Theyre awesome!!!!!! OMFG, ive never seen ur blog be4 -BOOKMARK- whoa, how did u make the animated guy change sprites in the left column? dude, email me i wanna play ur game!

8bitcity said...

Thanks! You can play all my games for free just check the right-hand column.

These are from a project called "Ultimate RPG," which will be an RPG inspired by Ultima.

These are from the early build, which I've recently gone back to work on, as I lost a later file. Maybe it's all for the best though!

8bitcity said...

Also, I didn't draw the animated sprites on the Right-Hand column, those are from Ultima Exodus. The "Red Knight" is mine at the bottom.

Also, anything on the site prefaced by "Pixel Art:" is my original work.

Often I'll post classic stuff like Ultima Tilesets or sprites just to talk about em as well.

Glad you found the site, hope you enjoy!