Thursday, December 22, 2011

Unused Final Fantasy NES Sprite

Digging around in Final Fantasy, I found an unused sprite. Looks like a king or a prince to me, but he could have been something else. Thanks to this poster on GameFAQs for tipping the internet off to this hidden secret. I'm sure the FF community has known about this for years, but its cool nonetheless.

Clearly there are dozens of unused sprites waiting to be discovered on the NES, however recognizing them can be a challenge. Final Fantasy is one of the easiest roms to "read" in Tile Layer Pro, everything is nice and neat--other games, not so much.

I wonder if the Dragon Warrior games have some unused sprites as well...

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Unknown said...

Hi, hope yo can answer this.

I'm making a demo using this sprite as reference (and protagonist by the way), it looks very similar, other than I added a sword to it.

Would I be able to actually do this game without legal repercussions?