Monday, April 28, 2014

Risk of Rain Streaming Tonight!

The old school action continues with another new game: Risk of Rain. It's a sidescrolling action platformer roguelike. If that sounds like a lot to handle, it is. However the game was on sale this weekend for 3.39 USD, and I picked it up along with about a million other gamers. With all these roguelikes in the mainstream, it's hard to believe people used to gape in awe when I talked to them about NetHack. 

Risk of Rain is hard like NetHack, but the UI pains that plague many ASCII games are being washed away in the modern generation of games like TOME, FTL, Binding of Isaac, and Risk of Rain.

The game is awesome. The music kicks ass, the sprites are tiny, and the action is huge. Classes are varied and uniquely fun. You can play as a commando, bandit, engineer, mutant, miner, and 5 other equally cool classes as you battle through hundred of enemies in your quest to survive the horrors of the strange planet. Each class is very different. The bandito relies on trigger-fanning shotgun blasts and nimble dodging while invisble. Acrid the Mutant, however, requires you to get up-close and personal as you stack poison on mobs of mobs.

Want to experience the awesome? Then come check it out tonight on or check out the embedded video at the end of the post.

Risk of Rain is brutally difficult, and the longer your game lasts the more difficult it gets. After 40 minutes of action you reach "HA HA HA HA HA" and "I'm coming for you" difficulties in which all good manners are forgotten. I managed to make it this far last night, and I'm hoping to beat the game tonight. I made it to the last level but couldn't take the heat and died in the kitchen.

On top of all this, you can play with up to 4 people in truly epic co-op. The server-side stuff is a bit complicated (I hosted a game and then my computer decided not to allow a second game despite the fact that I changed no settings in the interim). If you want to play come drop by the twitch channel or post a message here. You could be on (twitch) TV! Wow! You'd be totally famous and popular.

Anyway I'm off to a place where there is a risk of rain in space. For great justice and adventure!

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