Monday, April 14, 2014

Star Quest Wallpaper 1440 x 900

Download this cool Star Quest wallpaper. Star Quest is a free, indie, meta-video game. It is about video games, it contains many games inside of it, and of course, it's also a game itself.

With huge amounts of secrets that I'm pretty sure have never been found, Star Quest has at least 20 hours of gameplay for the first time player. Like Myst, if you know the solutions you could speedrun it much, much faster.

You won't be bogged down with leveling up or experience. You explore the world at your own pace, do things how you want to do them. Your quest is simple enough: stop the Scientist and recover your memory.

You'll need the help of Princess, King, and Lobtron if you are going to succeed. 


-Collect quarters to access the arcade machines. 
-Solve the puzzles to unlock more machines. 
-Hang out in shady arcades.
-Think about why adventure games are fun
-Talk to 100s of NPCs
-Make ethical decisions
-Explore a huge sci-fi/fantasy world that feels familiar and unique at the same time 
-Slowly realize the sinister undertones of the entire planet...


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