Friday, April 19, 2013

Hydlide Promo Flier

Oh, Hydlide. I got stuff to say about Hydlide, don't worry. but not now. Now I gotta go drink a 44 oz. White Russian, Dude-style, and play Hero Quest. 

You guys have a fun Friday, Hydlide's comin this weekend.


Chalgyr said...

Wow - from the awesomeness that was Ultima: Exodus to... yuck - Hydlide. LOL. I rented this one weekend and absolutely hated it. The box made it look like an RPG I'd be interested in, but then I played it, lol

8bitcity said...

Omfg, having so many problems with this game. Watched The Nerd's review of it (again) and thought it would be playable. It's totally not playable.

I'll figure something out.