Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's way too late to be playing Ultima

So what? No one can stop me!


Chalgyr said...

Haha - I see no bad in this.

I'm trying to recall... I mean, I'm reaching back like 25+ years here, but in Ultima Exodus on my NES, it seems like there was a townsperson who tells you not to stay up all night playing the game, or something along those lines. :)

8bitcity said...

You got it. That NPC was awesome. First time I ran into him it was like 11:00 a.m. but I was faking sick to play Ultima (it was middle school) so the message wasn't lost on me.

Benjamin Fennell said...

I know those feelings. I just spent the past five days playing through Worlds of Ultima: Savage Empire, an old PC childhood favorite, on GOG, since I finally managed to get it running on Windows 7.

I remember watching my older brother play the NES Ultima games on rental as a kid when I barely knew how to read well enough to understand what was going on and becoming pretty obsessed with those - and Dragon Quest/Warrior - at that age.

Have yet to really get into the NES Ultima games - and it still makes me sad that the NES games get the bad rap from the PC crowd they do - but I haven't really spent much time on PC Ultima outside of Savage Empire yet either. May take a crack at Martian Dreams next, or Exodus, since both of those are freebies on GOG too. I'd kill for EA to patch up their bizarre feud with Nintendo and bring the NES Ultima games to the Wii U Virtual Console, though.

Chalgyr said...

Haha - see for me, it was creepy when I found him, because it was pretty late at night (at least for me back then, like 9ish), with bedtime on the horizon. I was like: how does he know that!? :)

8bitcity said...

The Ultima.... it's thinking.

Yea Exodus on the VC would be amazing. I kind hate Quest of the Avatar on NES. Not that it's a bad game, I guess, but it just guts everything that made QotA fun on PC: choosing words in conversation, the fast-paced movement, the awesome VGA (EGA?) graphics, etc. Also the battles draaaag on the NES, even though you had to control 8 people on the PC it still moves faster. Also on PC you can play as just yourself for a long time, which speeds up the game.

I kind of enjoy the washed-out NES colors, reminds me of Phantasy Star 3, and I've been searching for a copy of the cart for years just to collect, but do yourself a favor and don't play the NES version of 4.

Don't play an updated version of it either, iirc the original DOS version was released as freeware and it runs great in DOSbox. Updated graphics and midi music are for noobs. :D

Exodus, on the other hand is almost across-the-board better on NES. Cool tunes, nice graphics, etc. PC still gets to do some cool stuff like killing Lord British and ship cannons, but I feel like the music and colors are enough to carry the port.

Chalgyr said...

I do believe I've played all of those. I still have Phantasy Stars 2,3 & 4 as well as Ultima: Exodus and Avatar sitting around upstairs in my living room/video game museum. Avatar was fun at the time, but it never hooked me the way Exodus did for some reason.

Mestre dos Magos said...

Phantasy star é um espetáculo. Alô Brasil