Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pixel Art: The Guardian Legend Redesign

This is what The Guardian Legend hero might look like in 2 colors instead of the 3 on the NES.


Unknown said...

I know it has nothing to do but could make a Megaman 4 with Protoman?

8bitcity said...

I think I'm done with romhacks for a while. I still open games up to look for unused stuff, but that's about it (I'm convinced Batman was supposed to be a generic Techninja platformer, and I've been looking for proof). Sorry!

For my next "big" project I'd like to do an RPG in the style of the Ultima games. I'm just being lazy and waiting to switch the platform I'm using to build it. The current OHRRPGCE engine isn't quite capable of doing everything I want it to. I'm looking into other options like MMfusion and Game Maker.

Del_Duio said...

These are pretty good, but I think she has some folded up wings and a thruster on her back in human form doesn't she?