Tuesday, April 30, 2013

VG Music: Flash FM

I scored Vice City Stories today for my new PSP, so I thought I'd make a Vice City post in celebration. Flash FM isn't the best station, but damn it it's good enough to use as some background music while you play MAME or pretend to work.


8bitcity said...

wow this post spiraled me into a gta obsession. Funny how that happens. Playing some VC led me to buy San Andreas which led me to abandon Hydlide and everything else.

Oh well, at least San Andreas is fucking awesome.

Matthew St. Cyr said...

I just bought Vice City on PSN and I spent the better part of today completely ignoring the "missions" and reigning havoc on the denizens of Vice City. There's something really satisfying about beating a prostitute up, waiting for the ambulance to arrive, steal the ambulance and then run the whole lot of them over while listening to Mr. Mister and The Miami Sound Machine!

Matthew St. Cyr said...

Also, I love how the game starts with a Commodore 64 loading screen. Pure awesomeness!