Saturday, April 27, 2013

Top Gun Box Scans

Weclome... to the DANGERZONE! Top Gun is another NES game that gets a really bad rap. We can probably thank AVGN for that, but I suppose the game isn't without its problems. Landing on the aircraft carrier is pretty damn tough, but so what? Ok... full disclosure, Top Gun isn't Afterburner II (which is fucking amazing), and I only saw Top Gun for the first time last night (what the hell is wrong with me?), but piloting an 8-Bit Tomcat has its perks. In this case most of those perks consist of listening to the 8-bit Top Gun anthem on the title screen.

Love the copytext on the back of the box; it perfectly captures the "in-your-fucking-face" extreme '80s action attitude.


Matthew St. Cyr said...

Never was a huge fan of this game, but I did rent it on more than one occasion. The box is pretty epic!

Mestre dos Magos said...

Época áurea... Final dos anos 80. Jamais esqueceremos the Legend of Zelda, Punch Out , ninja Gaiden, super mario bros 3. Só tenho a agradecer a Nintendo por ter me proporcionado muitas alegrias